Unrest and Fear in the Time of Cholera…and Elections

I chatted with Gabrielle Vincent, Director of Sonje Ayiti, this morning on facebook after what sounds like a traumatic experience in North Haiti. A survivor of the January 12th earthquake, mother and community developer, Gabie always provides in depth insight. Below is what she shared.
I am in Cap-Haitien now.
I was on my way to Port-au-Prince at 8:30 to take care of the customs
clearance for the trucks and container.  I couldn’t make it to the
airport this morning due to instant riots all over the street in
Cap-Haitien. Election’s Frenzy. I was in the car then there were
rocks and bottles filled with I don’t know what throwing from everywhere.
The road was packed with students going to school and everyone else.
Some got hurt. I returned home and got behind Dadou’s motorcycle, boom
there were shootings when we were about to turn to the main road
(Shada) that would take us to the airport. There were shootings
everywhere, we returned home safe and sound. I am now waiting to see
what tomorrow might bring.
The CHOLERA issues are taking a toll on the population who is now
furious, frustrated by the inactions of the authorities and fearful for
their life. On top of it, the candidates are wasting a lot of money
for elections instead of addressing the real issues. People are

Please keep praying for Haiti

You heard it here first. You won’t see this on prime time news.


  1. So sad… This is just simply too much going on at once. People are concerned with advancing their personal agendas – from the people without homes, to the people running for office. How can we get everyone working together to respond to each other’s needs? The people fighting off cholera obviously aren’t rioting, so it begs to question what the rioters seek to accomplish. Is it civil unrest with political goals, or is it a fight for survival? I hate to be a cynic, but I remember people rioting with an array of agendas, all in conflict with each other. I will definitely continue to pray for Haiti because I don’t know what else I can do. Thank you for sharing Charlene!

  2. The movement is starting in Cap-Haitien, not Port-au-Prince. Ayisyen mwen yo leve, kanpe. Frape minustah. Minustah = Cholera. Fix this situation Fasttttt and get the United Nations troops out of Haiti. The Americans and United Nations have caused this problem, we had problems but we were better left along. F*ck the Americans and United Nations. Diaspora to Haitians in Haiti, we are together. We are united. WE HAVE NO FEAR. L’union fait la force is all dat needs to b said.

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